Services of Social Companion


I am a pretty, of 22 years of age, Brazilian but  created young woman in  Argentina, came back my land I have   two months alone  , that I half say and I write mixed Portuguese with Spaniard, well-behaved, and of University appearance, of pleasant colloquy.Very secret with reference of my friends, Bachelor and cleared up, of pink , eyes color of Honey and Hair clear chestnuts short, 1,65 of Height and 58 kg Normally seen elegantly with social clothes and half-jewel, I am funny and very affectionate. skin, taste to me to talk,

Not use drugs...    Not tobacco... But I drink socially...

Short all Erotic-sensualy fancy  ...... Everything Exactly...


I have average chest, bud straight and pretty thigh... I like so much Mans... Or a good couple....!!!  to carry through all its  sensualy fancies. Without coarsenesses nor violence.  I make use of transport and proper security. In its residence, Hotels or Motels. I do not make point in the street nor I frequent club, due my secret services, Too I do not parade in public places of no species...

With nobody..


I am not married, I do not have children, I do not have boyfriend,

I do not have commitment none...!


Because I am  to hiper private, and never return linkings...                

The permanence time is of two (2) Max hours .

With complete service..!!

Vaginal , verbaland anal sex...

All sexual service solely with condoms

Without I cry!


Services  Special


Service of social companion... As bilingual guide...

Executive secretariat, Massagista, Loving complete...

With armored car and driver security the disposal 24hs. (to combine)


Services of social companion, for marriages, anniversaries,

Or any another one...!

To combine...!!!


July Affections



More Information


Photo taken off in my room in nov 2006


On-line Is communicated
> > > In messenger hotmail.<<<<

It adds to me that automatically it will be well received...
I do not have webcam..!

Or for cellular

(045) 9963-5030

Photo taken off in the garden
Photo in the sofa of the room
Island of honey Curitiba
Beach of Camboriu

These photos yes belong me... !

At distinct times.

Not necessary to make Nothins lies propagand of my respect...

It would give problems in the social meeting....

Reserved...later not is?

Not accepted linkings to charge...!!!


Of as Quick the Services


Mr.. He binds me to have the first contact for cellular...

And to listen to my voice...


We mark the meeting in the motel of its preference...

If to want the residence... (not in the first meeting)


It will be able to go until the Motel  and... to enter alone for questions of secrecy...


A time inside...  Passes me  numbers of the apartment... mine cel

All motel has telephone in the apartments!


[ 9963-5030 ]



As I have proper car with driver/guard...

Inside of 5 the 8 minutes I will arrive ties You... in the Motel... or

in the Apt one dand our meeting...!


Where it will be able to enjoy.. and to enjoy... but that a time!

 Inside  of  the Maximum time of (2) two hours...

The price does not vary will be lesser the time of stay in the place of the meeting.


The MOTEL and any consumption its, will be for its account...



I (I do not drink nor tobacco in service...)

I only produce pleasure my partner...



A finished time the meeting, Mr. Drop alone again in the motel

Until the next meeting, that I am certain that it will be in briefing!


The price stipulated in my tariff one only becomes related

and sensual rendering of services of my part solely...


What is waiting to bind to me...?


(045) 9963-5030



Srta. July


Tariff of services


For person...... In  Motel......................... R$ 150,00 U$ 75,00


For person...... In Residence or Motels. 150,00 R$ U$ 75,00


For Couples..... In Residence or Motels . R$ 200,00 U$ 100,00

Motels its choice!

Not Enclosed in the price of the services


My telephone for meeting


(45) 99635030

Not accepted linkings to charge!


With Affection Srta. July

Current photo April of 2007 in Foz do Iguaçu - PR